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Anyone who's traveled with a bike has their share of horror stories -- broken frames, misplaced wheels, cases left unzipped -- not to mention the general unwieldiness of traveling with a bike. The Evoc Bike Travel Bag solves for most of these common issues, starting with its construction. Evoc found that the levels of protection offered by a hard case vs. a soft case were profoundly different until the cases were loaded with heavy items not typically encountered in airline travel, so it opted for a soft case for maneuverability and malleability. To pack the Evoc case, you remove the wheels and loosen and turn the handlebars. Padded straps hold the frame and fork in place, and separate wheel pockets, integrated into the case, hold the wheels. The Bike Travel Bag also features a variety of handles in intelligent locations to make hefting and moving the bag easier, and there are also inline skate wheels for when you're running through the airport to make your flight. The Evoc Bike Travel Case will hold 29ers, TT bikes, road bikes, and cyclocross bikes without batting a proverbial eye.

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