1006 Navy Armchair with Wood Seat

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Legend has it that Emeco founder Wilton Dinges tested the strength of a 1006 Navy Chair (1944) by tossing it out a sixth-story window. The people on the sidewalk below were a bit surprised, but the chair was fine, with the exception of a few scratches. Today, Emeco still uses the same 77-step process that Dinges perfected 70 years ago to satisfy the military's need for lightweight, corrosion-resistant chairs for destroyers and submarines. The company's proprietary metal processing method yields aluminum three times stronger than steel - and a chair so durable that it has an estimated life span of 150 years. Emeco's all-aluminum chairs and stools come with a lifetime guarantee, and generations from now, when your great-great-grandchildren finally manage to wear out a chair that's tested to withstand 1,700 pounds of weight (big kids) , the aluminum can be fully recycled and made into something else. Stainless steel foot caps are covered with clear plastic glides to prevent floor scratches and carpet snags. This is the authentic 1006 Navy Chair by Emeco. Made in U.S.A. Made from 80% recycled aluminum (40% post-consumer, 40% post-industrial) , which requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce virgin aluminum.

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Next cool perfect Emeco additional. I got them and are one of best.